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  • Yahoo to use Google search to show results

    Yahoo Japan Corp. will use Google technology to run its search engine and search ad delivery system, after a similar deal in the U.S. was derailed by regulators concerned about a monopoly. The decision announced Tuesday by Yahoo Japan, which runs separately from its California-based namesake, means that th...

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    August 2010
  • Partnering with HostedFTP

    We are in proud to announce that WebCastle Technologies is now design partners of HostedFTP, a cloud file sharing and FTP server host service provider. We believe that it is always good to be partnered with companies from out of media niche and who utilizes the cutting edge technology to give their customers best of today's technology. HostedFTP is a cloud file sharing and FTP server host. Drag and drop lets you easily share files and entire folders. Their plugin lets you share files right from your...

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    April 2010
  • HTML5 and Indian web designing companies

    HTML5 is fast growing standard in the web development industry already. While most of the developers have already started using CSS3 properties in their projects, people are still not using HTML5 tags in client projects. Internet explorer is the villain in the story of HTML5 and CSS3. For sure, developers hate IE, whatever the version is it. But when a browser restricts development of a new technology, it is unfair. For companies, clients are important and for clients, IE is mandatory. So we do support...

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    April 2010