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  • Website Testing: 7 Essential Things to Check Before Going Live

    Your team has been working attentively on the design, development, coding and the content of the website for days. Now your client wants to launch the website as soon as possible. Most website owners ignore the process of testing and go ahead with the official launch of their website. Now, is it the right time to go live? When the client is keen on launching the website the web design and development team often ignore the process of website testing. Every web development team should test and then retest t...

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    September 2015
  • Why we need to Balance the White Spaces While Web Designing?

    White spaces often called as negative spaces on web pages is a key area of web design. These white spaces are what separates the different elements on the page, which gives the design the desired flow and finish. Some web pages are designed in a way that the white spaces are completely used up by adding more features and images. Some business owners think, it is the right way of creating webpages by including the maximum number of features. Well, this doesn’t really gives a good web design. This is only...

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    September 2015