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    Brand Propulsion with digital advertising

    There have been questions asked, researches done on how a Brand can succeed in constant competition with their counterparts in the market. What actually gets consumers' focus to new brands pushed to the live space? By using Digital Advertising brands can flood consumer minds being engaged to them, literally every breathing time. Digital era has literally taken up peoples thought process. Pushing them over the digital media is a great possibility for Brand survival. Online advertising companies in India ca...

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    September 2018
  • web design company cochin
    Webcastle tech: Outstanding Web & Digital services across the globe!

    Webcastle media has emerged to one of the most demanded digital marketing companies in Cochin, Kerala with their experience, expertise, innovation as well as dedication. Today, they are the pioneers in the field delivering easy to use futuristic solutions, with ease. They well understand your business, its market and the competitors to present bespoke and trendy solutions which helped them evolve into one of the dominant website designing companies in India. Webcastle media is characterized by the cordial...

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    July 2018
  • importance of digital marketing
    Importance of digital marketing for your business

    Ever since the boom of the internet, the world has literally shifted to digital in every aspect.  According to the statistics about 361 million people were found online worldwide in 2000 and in 2016 it hiked to over 3 billion, which shows a growth rate of 764%! Today, nearly half of the population is online. In India, the number of people having internet access is growing at a rapid pace each year. Indians are so connected that each person seems to spend at least 3 hours a day, online. People have sta...

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    May 2018
  • How to start an Ecommerce website in 10 steps ?

    In this digital age, starting an ecommerce website is the perfect decision any business should take to beat competition since it’s a matter of survival as well. If you own a physical retail store or not, it is must to get an online store in your name to reach out your products to millions of customers all over the world. However, to build any successful business, you need a good business plan. Follow the steps to start your online business. 1. Select the product or service of your niche Online bus...

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    March 2018
  • Is WooCommerce suitable for a sustainable eCommerce business?

    Magento, WooCommerce, and OpenCart took the center stage of the eCommerce industry in 2017. The trend to employ these aforementioned tools to enable and boost trade is expected to stay here in the coming years. The eCommerce industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth and the demand for e-commerce tools are on the rise. Magento, WooCommerce, and OpenCart are shopping carts that encourages purchase by a customer. A shopping cart is a piece of software that facilitates trade on an e-commerce sit...

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    February 2018