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Feb 2014

Designing a web design portfolio

Having a well designed website is the first step of getting in to web design industry. But to get reasonable clients in the early days of a company is pain. Everyone want to see your portfolio. If you are a freelance designer, then you will need to showcase your work and allow people to contact you. A portfolio website is all about to promote your business and make people believe that you are able to do work for them. At WebCastle, we had a nice portfolio and list of Clients before we launch as a company. We worked as freelancers before start working as a company. This made us easier to develop a portfolio without taking a long time. But as many other outsource web design and development service providers, there are so many well designed and developed projects which we haven't put on the portfolio due to Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). But some of them allowed us to list them on out Clients list which is pretty cool to show off. Recently, we updated our portfolio page with Java-script enabled sorting. Now you can sort our portfolio page by service we provided without page refresh. Removed SEO portfolio list because we do not want others know that we are involved in SEO of those sites. Now you can browse Websites we worked on and Branding and Logo we've designed. Our other services like CMSWordPress development and web marketing case studies will be added later.

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