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Nov 2015

Don’t Let Bounce Rate Ruin Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings.

On our previous blog we discussed about the bounce rate, and how it affects the search engine optimization. You wouldn’t have understood what exactly bounce rate is about. Here in this blog we will help you better understand bounce rate and find out whether the bounce rate really matters? After launching your business website successfully, the next part is its marketing. To make your website a hit in the internet market, your website must start getting hits. Which means to have a good visibility in the eyes of search engines, the traffic must start pouring into your website. This generally is a time taking process. There are many factors like loading time, having an easily navigable landing page and optimizing the website which can influence the search engine rankings. Improving these factors can help you get your website on top of the search engine results and get clicks. Now let us see how bounce rate makes an impact on the search engine position. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of single page visits, where the visitor left your site without visiting other pages. If you have used the google analytics tool to check the website statistics, you might have seen the option to check the bounce rate too. It is a challenge for any business to retain their visitors. If the bounce rate is low, then the number of visitors returning to your visitors will increase. A business website owner with a higher bounce rate will have a lot of work to do to reduce it. The higher bounce rate may be due to poor content quality, tough navigation or may be due to poor design. Suppose there is a visitor who finds your website interesting, and wants to look for other services or features within your website. If your website fails to give him proper navigation to visit other pages on your website, they will leave in no time. Using too many flashy images and animations are irritating. Sometimes, even when a website has got an excellent design, the visitor will leave the next second when they do not find what they were looking for. Therefore content is a crucial factor which actually keeps the visitors engaged.

Now let us see how the search engine optimization part influences the bounce rate?

Choosing the right keyword is a key part in search engine optimization. If your website does not reach the targeted traffic, that can harm your bounce rate. Suppose there is a website which is optimized with keywords, which are not relevant for their business, the bounce rate will increase when someone who is looking for something different, end up on your website and leave the next second. Proper Meta title and Meta descriptions are also decisive factors that contribute to the bounce rate. The title and description should tell your targeting visitors what the web page is all about. Check the bounce rate and how the audience are interacting with your website. There are many free website analytics tools available online. The google analytics tool is an easy to use free tool for tracking the website data. You can also view the time spent by the visitors and the number of visitors on your website. It can tell you where the traffic is coming from? What kind of browser they are using? How long they stayed on your site? Now that you have got an idea about how to reduce the bounce rate and retain your visitors, in our next blog we will come up with the tips for increasing the conversion rates.

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