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Feb 2017

Designing E-Commerce website to make more sales.

Being novel to attract visitors right through the sales throttle is the primary focus of any e-commerce web design. It’s true that impeccable sales start with the great product, but having an e-commerce site with great user experience could drive more sales effortlessly. When we think about designing an e-commerce website we have to be sure that it covers and reduces all sales bottlenecks effortlessly.

Some key traits that could attract users are to have a web design with more customizable options. It’s no wonder that Opencart which has so many customizable plugins reigns over the e-commerce competitors today. Right from setting up a new store, or be it be launching a blog for promotions or if you want to setup payment gateways in a matter of minutes, Opencart design helps in no time.

Popular e-commerce platforms today:

Magento is yet another e-commerce platform design tool with features like customer follow-ups after sales, simplified checkout process and geo-targeting features for addressing the worldwide clientele. When it comes to the cs-cart e-commerce tool, it comes with options like coupons for discounted purchase and tag based ad promotions that attract visitors even after they have left the idea of turning a search into a purchase. But if you look at the Woocommerce package the features are very less and would be offering less security as it is built on WordPress. Hence Woocommerce is less popular in e-commerce platform.

How to build single product e-commerce website?

Every e-commerce developer should follow the basic rules of attracting a wider community of visitors. A simplified landing page is a nice option to start with. Then product details should be minimal but to the point that gets highlighted on user interactions. You can also have interactive videos detailing the products or for that matter offer discounts for viewers for website activity. Of course, responsive design and SEO are crucial factors of modern e-commerce sites.

Most of the online stores always dream about huge visitors but in reality, often forgets about what has to be provided from a customer perspective. Having a design that’s ready to seamlessly integrate e-commerce best practices like faster responses, security and visual effects are clear indications on design focus for sales. In short, every successful e-commerce design meets customer expectations virtually.

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