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Apr 2010

HTML5 and Indian web designing companies

HTML5 is fast growing standard in the web development industry already. While most of the developers have already started using CSS3 properties in their projects, people are still not using HTML5 tags in client projects. Internet explorer is the villain in the story of HTML5 and CSS3. For sure, developers hate IE, whatever the version is it. But when a browser restricts development of a new technology, it is unfair. For companies, clients are important and for clients, IE is mandatory. So we do support internet explorer from v7 onwards. This doesn't mean that IE6 is totally ignored. We provide functional support for IE6 if clients ask for it.

Now why Indian web designing companies can play a part in this game?

A soul part of web designing all over the world is done in India. Even there are a lot of web designing companies around the globe; a good part is outsourced to India. So there is gonna be a serious booming change in the web design and development companies in India. At present, most of the old school Indian web designing companies are following what they know from past. The table tags, embedded flash objects, spaces filled with &nbsp and BR tags. HTML5 means the tidy and need code and development method of a fresh generation. We love it. We Castlers are always up to tip of the technology and that's what makes us special in the industry. Now, we are ready with HTML5 and CSS3 for the battle of new generation web development. Are you there yet? We love code, but we care the design and mentor the end user experience. Make everyone's life easier is our motto and our upcoming CMS will surely make everyone's life easier and fun.

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