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Mar 2016

IoT and Artificial Intelligence for Indian companies

There been several “things” that people are talking about. Internet of things is one amongst the hot topics which creates the hype for the 2016. Nanotechnology, BigData, Artificial Intelligence etc are also growing fast in the technology era. But what makes IOT more interesting to me is that the influence it is going to make in our everyday life. Imagine you are heading over to meeting driving your car, the navigation system identifies the traffic jam on your road and gives you an alternative direction ( this is already there now ). But that's not the end of it. What if the same device also updates the people who are waiting for you for the meeting that you are running late by this much minutes. That's the simplest version. Now your car hit with another car on road. The system updates the status to your automobile service centre automatically while it also looks for nearest hospital to send you an ambulance. And the ambulance driver knows your exact location on his navigation system and reaches you there. The medical assistance in the ambulance gets the complete information about your medical history on her screen instantly. All by zero human interaction!

I am not talking about what IOT could do in future. This is the technology and system that are available right now. Some people talk about IOT as the embedded computing extended. But there are papers being written and R&Ds happening on Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT), Internet Of Everything (IOE) everyday.

Now, what I’m curious about is the future of the technology companies, specially the software companies in India. Many have shifted already towards IOT and many more are getting ready to Join the buzz. When the outsourcing market got saturated with millions of big and small companies, pioneers of the software markets are shifting their gears to IOT. While IOT highly depend on the hardware, there is a huge space on the software only market as well. Think about the Data all these devices and sensors are generating. If we can analyse all these and write softwares to store and arrange the data in a human friendly way, possibilities are amazing. Imagine you could analyse the traffic on the road based on time and schedule your journey though a road that is less used ( I miss freestyle drives), or even schedule your laundry when there is less machines being used at your home to balance the electricity load etc.

When internet was born, people started putting their document on the internet and that how web pages and websites were born. Now that all device are creating data and storage has become so cheap, the data needs to flow free and be used wisely to take key decisions not by people, but with Artificial Intelligence - life would be so easy in this world… or would it ?

As every good thing in this world, IOT comes with the other side of nice guy. The bad face; or the danger side of IOT. Everything is Data in the cloud, security will be the biggest hazel of all time in the technology era. But human will be soon out of the game. It will be the war of Artificial Intelligence. While IBM Watson & Bluemix, Google Deepmind and Facebook M are doing it private, Elon Musk and team is busy building Open AI.

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