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Feb 2016

Staying ahead of the digital curve. Digital Marketing trends to watch out for in 2016

Every year, new technologies come forth to set up new trends, changing the way people do business in the digital world.Digital marketing keeps evolving, and unlike any other industry,it becomes imperative to stay ahead of the digital curve. To keep up with the changes, we have listed some of the key trends likely to dominate in 2016.

Going Mobile

The usage of mobile devices has surpassed the usage of desktops. It has been estimated that around 58% of the smartphone users, don’t go even an hour without checking their phones This set up the trend of mobile responsive websites and mobile targeted ad campaigns. The use of mobile marketing will continue to be one of the key trends to follow in 2016.

Video Ads to take prominence

Facebook live streaming, Periscope, Snap-chat, and YouTube are on the mount now more than ever. People prefer to watch video on these platforms than television. It’s time to seize video to the next stage and allow video streaming to become one of the most preferred mode to consider in 2016.

Rise of Social Media

Social Media must be part of every digital marketing budget in 2016. It needs to be a part of all other means of marketing including your website and email campaigns. There is such a huge audience to reach on each social platform, and if your brand isn’t taking advantage of that, then you are missing the mark. Social Media has many new capabilities for targeting to the right audience, generating clicks to a website and creating overall brand awareness.

Tackling Ad-blockers

Ad blocking in 2016 is only expected to grow and will expand to include user experience overall. What is important to remember is the relevancy of your ad and who is being served the ad. It goes back to having a seamless customer experience.

Smart Devices Will Become Players

Mobile phones will one day become passé. Smart devices like the Apple watch or Google glass are growing in popularity, as is virtual reality. Smart devices will change the way users access information, and brands will need to sit up and take notice.

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