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Aug 2015

Learn About Different Parts of a Website and Tips for Improving its Performance

Our previous blog explains why a business requires a website to have a successful digital marketing campaign and improve the online presence. In this write-up we will explain in detail, what are the various parts of a website and tips on improving the performance. The question is how will you make your user or the visitor stay on the website and guide them to find what they are looking for? It is all depended on how you set up your website. If you are a small, medium or a large business looking to set up a business website, here are a few essential components which every website should possess. The most essential parts of a website include the header, navigation menu, content and footer. The Header The header area of the website is where a business places its logo, company name and a little description about them. Most of the websites use the same header on all of their pages. Some website owners add an eye-catching banner that displays their services. It is also good to have a search box on the header. Navigation Menu This part of the website makes it easy for the users to navigate to other pages of the website. Depending on the design the navigation menu can be found left, right or top of the site. Most designs have navigation menu on the top as it helps to highlight the sub-categories. Using a navigation menu, you can decide in what order the pages should be. You can also put those pages into sub-categories if your site has got deep pages. Quality Content This is one of the crucial part of any website. The body content is actually what direct your customers or the visitors to your website. The visitors could reach your website through search engines, social media or through some other referral websites. When we say you need to have quality content, it means your website must talk about the service or the products you provide and how you are different from others. Some websites use text, some use videos and some feature images. If your user finds it useful and informative, they are going to remember it, and will come back to your website. Again, even if you have a useful content, but the font size or poor navigation could result in losing the visitor. Footer The footer of a website is where you could find the copyright information and credits. On most websites you can see the web developer’s name and useful links to other parts of the website on the footer, making it an important part of the website. Now that you know what all components supports a website, we will share a few things that will help improve the performance of your website. Performance is one of the important aspect of your website. Depending on the type of internet connection your users have, the loading speed varies. Every user loves a webpage that loads faster on any device. Let us look at some of the crucial areas that should be taken care of to improve the performance. Web Hosting: Selecting the right hosting providers is an important factor that can have a great impact on the performance. Images: Loading speed of the website is affected by the file size of the images used on the web page. Optimizing the images without compromising its quality or clarity will reduce the overall download size of the page. CSS: CSS is another factor that affects the loading speed. We recommend you to remove those CSS files which are not in use. Cookies: Cookies are very helpful for website owners to collect visitor’s information. But they do affect the loading speed. Add cookies for images and clear the ones which are not required anymore. There are various tools available online to audit the performance of your website. Successful business websites have user friendly web pages which load quickly and persuade their visitors come back and visit again. Hope these key things will help you build a great business website

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