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Jun 2016

Master the art of visual storytelling for your business. Stories that connect, engage and inspire

Master the art of visual storytelling for your business. Stories that connect, engage and inspire.

Engagement + Leads = Better Conversions.

As marketers seek ways to create brands that attract, engage and inspire, a powerful, engaging visual can drive upto 90 percent more user engagement than posts without having one. With consumers increasingly distracted by an array of digital stimuli, including traditional web, mobile, and social, one powerful technique that cuts the clutter is the use of visual storytelling to engage customers and prospects.  

“Powerful visuals evoke emotions, driving a deeper engagement and more profound change in behavior.”

Visuals evoke emotions. Brands that use visual content find that it triggers greater engagement with their customers and prospects. Visual storytelling is not a new concept, and it goes back to prehistoric times with cave paintings, many of which still exist today all over the world. Visual elements such as images, video, and graphics can significantly impact engagement and eventually the buying decisions of your audience. It enables you to tell your story with greater impact than words alone. Thus, when the visual is a powerful one, the effect is magnified.  

Making an emotional connect.

Making an emotional connection with consumers is still a skill underestimated by many marketers. Every buying decision we make, the first and foremost is an emotional one. Only once the emotional decision is made does the human mind provide the rationalization (or justification) of reason and logic. People do not relate to brands, they relate to other people. Stories have been the social glue that binds society for as long as humankind has existed and what better way than to tell stories through visual content. While we have an overwhelming choice of media today, it is more important than ever to choose the right images to tell your story and bring your message across. Many web designing and development agencies are implementing this technique, thus differentiate itself from the rest.  

Bringing Brands to Life

As a web design company, we aim to create brands that connect. When developing a story, 1. We identify how your product helps your customers 2. What problem does it solve? 3. What benefits, not features, does it offer? 4. What makes your solution different from the competitors’? Telling stories that are not connected to your brand or unique offer will entertain, but won't offer value or sell your product. By adding these elements into the design of your company website, social media platforms, and printed materials, it has powerful implications for how you interact with your customers, your prospects, and your potential leads.

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