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Oct 2015

Mobile Friendliness as a Ranking Factor on Google Mobile Search

Time to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly as Mobile Friendliness will be Used as a Ranking Signal. Make it mobile friendly if you haven’t yet. Starting 21st of April 2015, Google is going to rank mobile friendly websites higher.Google recently announced about the search rankings for the mobile searches. They posted on their webmaster central blog. Mobile friendly websites will get a better ranking position in the search results. Starting April 21, 2015 Google are going to bring a new change in the mobile search algorithm. For improving the mobile user experience, they will be displaying mobile friendly web pages in the top results. According to their previous algorithm update, Google gave preference for websites which are view-able on smartphones and tablets. The new changes are:

  1. Mobile friendly Web Pages: Google will be displaying high quality and relevant web pages. The release will be worldwide in all languages.
  2. App Content as a Factor: Google will be using the content on mobile apps as another factor. For signed-in users, who have the mobile app installed on their device, Google will display those apps in search results. This feature is called App indexing.

Get ready for the change.

Let’s get started with the Mobile-friendly test. Just visit Google’s new blog on “Finding more mobile-friendly search results” on Webmaster central blog. Take the Mobile-friendly test. The result will be generated in a few minutes. If the result says your website is mobile friendly, it is good to go. But if it says “not mobile-friendly”, you must talk to your website developer before 21st of April. Here is the test result of our website, using the Google webmaster tool. The image shows the mobile friendly test result and how the Googlebot sees our page.This is how Google Bot sees our website Note: This algorithm update will only impact the mobile search results. It won’t have any impact on the search results on desktop and laptop computers. Here are few suggestions for creating a successful mobile website:
  1. WordPress is an easy to use content management system for creating a mobile friendly site. The inbuilt tools in WordPress gives you web pages that are flexible on all kind of devices.
  2. Use mobile friendly layout. Make the navigation easy for users.
  3. Reduce the number of images, as this will take a longer time to load.
  4. Make sure text is easy to read on mobile devices without zooming.
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