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Sep 2015

Website Testing: 7 Essential Things to Check Before Going Live

Your team has been working attentively on the design, development, coding and the content of the website for days. Now your client wants to launch the website as soon as possible. Most website owners ignore the process of testing and go ahead with the official launch of their website. Now, is it the right time to go live? When the client is keen on launching the website the web design and development team often ignore the process of website testing. Every web development team should test and then retest to make sure the website is performing well. That is the right time for the official launch. Website functionality and accessibility of the website are the two main aspects every team must double check. Here, we will share seven important things to check before your website goes live.

    1. Spell Check
    2. A very simple step, but an important one in the testing process. This ensures readability and helps search engines like Google to crawl and index your content. Usage of proper spellings and grammar leaves a good impression. Misspellings can lead your visitors leave the page, then and there.
    3. Check Websites on Multiple browsers
    4. Your website might look differently on different type of browsers. Depending on the browsers the user won’t be able to access some features or some functionality won’t be available. Make sure each and every page of your website works well on as many browsers and operating systems you can.
    5. Link Errors and Image Optimisation
    6. Make sure all the links are working properly. If there are 404 errors on any of the webpages, redirect the user to another page on your website that is useful for the user. Link the logo on your website to the home page. Add an RSS feed for users to subscribe to your blog. Similarly image optimization is important. Test whether the images are displayed properly. Select the right kind of image file extension. JPG and PNG are common and the recommended type. Again, the bigger image size can make user leave your website, so compress the file without losing the quality.
    7. Mobile Friendly Websites
    8. On April 21st, 2015 Google released a new algorithm for mobile website rankings.
Mobile friendly websites will get higher rankings in google mobile search results
    . Now, mobile friendly web designs are critically important. Test the website on different types of smartphones and mobile operating systems. Search engines like Google will say a big NO to websites using flash.
  1. Page Loading Speed
  2. Your website might have an attractive design, but the loading speed is a factor that can ruin your user’s experience. The initial page loading speed will take longer time for every visitor as the customer has to download the images, CSS and the Java script for the first time. But when the user visits the website for the second time, make sure they don’t have to download all of them again. Cache as many files as you can. This makes your website SEO friendly.
  3. Contact Forms
  4. For any business website the contact forms are crucial. Check the contact form to make sure the message was sent successfully and the end user has received the acknowledgement. For e-Commerce websites, check the areas like, the customer log-in and shopping cart.
  5. The title tags
  6. The title tag of a website is the text which you see at the top of your browser. Depending on the type of business you own you can set the Meta title tag. You can either use the brand name or the keywords  which you want to promote, but make sure for each page you keep different titles. Add a description too for each page. The Meta title and descriptions helps search engines find your website.
Now that you know some of the important steps in the process of testing, spare some time for these necessary checks to give a much better user experience. If you have more comprehensive tips for testing, do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.

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