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Nov 2010

We passed another milestone

Once a online media business is built to some scale and is capable of sustaining itself on internal momentum, we find that the methods required to run it are different from the methods required to kick-start it. That is where WebCastle Technologies Media as a company passes it’s mile stone. So moving on our very own unique path of being exclusive and utilizing cutting edge technology, we have been working hard smart these days. This post is to tell the world that we are now out of incubator and is an Indian Private Limited company. WebCastle Media Private Limited is our registered name. We will be changing the name from WebCastle Technologies in our accounts and all legal declaration further. If you are our existing Client and is afraid of causing any documentation issues due to this change, please contact your Accounts Manager or rise an issue on our Do Castle Project Tracker. Most Corporates today, Medium sized and Large have great ability in attracting method managers, who have built their careers on solid management education, working in large markets, but difficulty in finding talent that has the entrepreneurial approach to new businesses, with which it can both build a new business and manage its current operations. We don't hire people to manage our team, but we do have a best team structure which we loved to have while we were working on other companies. So this gives the best comfort to our team members and makes them more productive.

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