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Nowistic IoTTM- Utilizing what is already connected!

Internet Of Things

The Internet has experienced an amazing growth across the world. We believe that towards connecting everything with internet, our contribution is very important. We want to make the connected world possible.
iot-banner Our attention is not on the hype of futuristic solutions and ideas of future world with billions of connected device. We develop solution for our customers with Nowistic IoTTM technology and ideas that works. So our IOT devices and application are present in the current world.
IoT - Sensor


With vast range of sensing devices, we build simple and complex applications for our customers to connect their things to the system. This helps them to get more control over the procedure and schedules of the end to end system. And when something is wrong, team gets it faster than any panic customer makes the call to the helpline.

Data Analytics and Storage

Discover profitability by uncovering data from newly connected devices and systems that optimise process, deliver deep business insights and drive innovation. Our state of the art analytics tools and metrics helps customers achieve the right decisions based on backed proof of data.
  • BigData Analytics
  • IBM Bluemix with Watson
  • SQL & NoSQL
  • Tailored Reporting


Our R&D team are ready with their backpacks and will visit your location to give you insights about innovating the process of your business. Be it farming, production or even healthcare business, we work with vast variety of customers with dedicated expertise in their fields. Because every industry focus on improving human life quality and our vision is to add our expertise to make it even better. Now, contact us to brainstorm how we can implement IoT on your business today. Not futuristic, but Nowistic IoTTM solutions.