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    IoT and Artificial Intelligence for Indian companies

    There been several “things” that people are talking about. Internet of things is one amongst the hot topics which creates the hype for the 2016. Nanotechnology, BigData, Artificial Intelligence etc are also growing fast in the technology era. But what makes IOT more interesting to me is that the influence it is going to make in our everyday life. Imagine you are heading over to meeting driving your car, the navigation system identifies the traffic jam on your road and gives you an alternative direc...

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    March 2016
  • Get list of all cookies using Javascript

    Its very common that we all still use HTTP cookies for storing various data on visitor's browser. But in HTML5, you can use local storage. I'm talking about the old school cookies here as we still have old browsers to take care of. Following is the code snippet to log all cookies of the domain in the firebug console. function get_cookies_array() { var cookies = { }; if (document.cookie && document.cookie != '') { var split = document.cookie.split(';'); for (var i...

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    January 2012
  • Mask site url using php and htaccess proxy

    Now you want to mirror a website of someone else or your own to a new domain. You can simply set it as an addon domain if you have access to original site's hosting control panel. But what if not? If you use htaccess redirects, it promptly redirects to original site. Another quick way is to use iframes. Just put following code in your index.html of new domain. <iframe src="http://originalsite.com" height="100%" width="100"></iframe> But if visitor clicks a link on the page, it w...

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    January 2012
  • Debug live site with local css file

    For developers who work with CMS websites, you might need to make some changes on the site once the site has gone live. But you want to see if making changes in the CMS cause any issues with existing website. In general case, you might have all the live content and images on your dev server. But when its the case of Client managed CMS, you might not always have the latest content data with your dev server. So here is a work around, you can switch live site css file with any other (dev server css) you want...

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    November 2011
  • Yahoo to use Google search to show results

    Yahoo Japan Corp. will use Google technology to run its search engine and search ad delivery system, after a similar deal in the U.S. was derailed by regulators concerned about a monopoly. The decision announced Tuesday by Yahoo Japan, which runs separately from its California-based namesake, means that th...

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    August 2010
  • HTML5 and Indian web designing companies

    HTML5 is fast growing standard in the web development industry already. While most of the developers have already started using CSS3 properties in their projects, people are still not using HTML5 tags in client projects. Internet explorer is the villain in the story of HTML5 and CSS3. For sure, developers hate IE, whatever the version is it. But when a browser restricts development of a new technology, it is unfair. For companies, clients are important and for clients, IE is mandatory. So we do support...

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    April 2010