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    Web designing influenced by the evolution of Augmented and Virtual Reality

    The world of websites is ever evolving. From the static websites,they advanced into dynamic ones and no more waiting is essential for communication to take place. Now we can see websites starting from responsive websites to omni-marketing channels. Looking at the evolution of websites, you will understand how far the technology has gone in offering us the best solutions and user experiences. A website should be simply capable to attract anyone entering into the home page to roam through all other pages...

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    July 2017
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    Finding a cultural fit offshore development team

    Offshore development teams are very popular in technology-based firms around the world. Not only they provide the best fit of project delivery at optimal cost, but they ensure to be focused on the project development than the day to day operations with business. Sometimes it becomes much priority that the location of the offshore team holds more attention to fit the cultural aspect of the On-site project team. This would have a great influence on the project prospects and the way forward. Cul...

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    April 2017