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Magento is one of those ecommerce platforms that have obtained a huge growth rate in the recent years. Undoubtedly, it is its exceptional features and positives that are the main reason for its increased exploitation and popularity. We at Webcastle Media holds brilliant experience making use of Magento’s features to fulfill your ecommerce aspirations.

Popular features of Magento

  • It is the availability of continued support and updates that make Magento preferable to service providers around the world. It has an active community of developer who keeps on creating additional extensions, participate in forum discussions for support and feedbacks.
  • It’s unmatched capability to run huge and heavy traffic websites makes it a completely scalable and robust platform.
  • It is also loaded with some in-built power packed promotion and marketing tools by default.


The possibilities and features of Magento are exploited by over 130,000 websites around the globe. This customer population includes both larger ecommerce websites to the smaller websites. It can be utilised as both an ecommerce platform and a website platform due to its multiple key coding practices. Thus Magento is also a versatile web platform that has great usability features. One of the main distinguishing features of Magento is the presence of its own unique MVC model. There are specific benefits in using Magento’s MVC model when compared to the traditional model system.

Why pick WebCastle Media for your Magento Development?

You can utilize our vast experience developing various websites using Magento, to set up your ecommerce websites. Magento is popular for its use of EAV model and Object-Oriented Programming. This is one major factor that transforms Magento into a much versatile option. Out developers are experts in exploiting the adaptability and versatility features of Magento to benefit your specific requirements and needs.