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YII Framework

YII web application Framework is one of the most popular technology solutions these days in the web development world. This rigid full stack framework based on PHP is rigid and at the same time reliable. Developers around the world are exploiting the possibilities of YII frameworks to create web application quicker.

What are those glittering features of YII?

YII is packed fully with brilliant features and capabilities. MVC, role based access control authentication and catching and scaffolding are few of its major features. The ability of YII to cut the overall time needed for the development tasks is very impressive. The features integrated with this web framework is helpful both in the development and initialization phases.

Another great advantageous feature of YII framework is its strategy of loading only those features that are necessary. Thus it ensures that no additional resources are used. The caching support of YII framework is very good that the cached websites are found to be loaded in great speed when compared to other websites that are created in other web framework. The standard security features incorporated with this framework is also good enough for better results.

Why WebCastle is a good option?

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