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Zend PHP

Zend PHP is getting more popular among web developers these days. Being a truly innovative object oriented web framework that is based on PHP5, there is no doubt that Zend PHP is capable of creating a buzz in the near future. The features of the Zend PHP itself is a great proof for its unmatched capabilities.

Zend Framework is defined as a high quality open source web application framework; appropriate for implementing in the most modern web services and web applications. Its a fact that Zend PHP is not just an out of the box MVC framework, it is a good collection of classes that can be exploited to develop your prefered web application.

Top features of Zend PHP

Compared to the other frameworks the Zend framework may not have a huge list of features but the features that are available in its list are really worth and useful in making powerful web applications. Every component related to the Zend framework are completely Objected Oriented PHP5. It is also compliant to E_STRICT.

The support for a wide range of vendors and database systems are another highlight of the particular framework. MySQL, Oracle and MariaDB are one few among them.