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Since its launch in the year 2005, CS-Cart has achieved an astonishing growth rate. After the release of CS-Cart 2.0 this particular ecommerce platform became much popular. It is the number of features and usability aspects of this platform that made it acceptable worldwide.

Highlights of the CS-Cart

CS-Cart has provided both paid and free versions of its software for customers around the world. Most important thing is that it can suit businesses of any size. The paid version is obviously the most popular one because of its feature rich functionality. However, it will be a good idea for the small enterprises to try the free community version of CS-Cart for an enhanced ecommerce experience.

Greatest features of CS-Cart

CS-Cart is built mainly on MySQL or PHP. The modular architecture of this ecommerce platform is hook based. The benefits of this particular architecture is that it is possible to customize the functionality of the cart without causing any changes to the current codes. This is proved to be very effective in avoiding some of the general upgrading errors faced by ecommerce platforms.

Why Choose Webcastle CS-Cart services?

WebCastle have the right developers and designers to present you a flourished ecommerce website. We know how to give you the complete advantage of the smarty template engine of CS-Cart. By exploiting the possibilities of AJAX technologies to the best extend, WebCastle assists you to reduce the refresh rate of the web pages and thus presents better performing ecommerce websites.