10 Best Shopify Alternatives to start online Business

  • 04 July 2023

One of the most popular eCommerce platforms reigning in the industry is none other than Shopify. It does not involve any writing of codes and Shopify has given an opening of a non-complicated building of an online store. It requires no prior experience and could be a well-satisfied solution provider that works instantly for those who are eagerly waiting to start an online store. Shopify cannot only be your option for building your online store, as it solely depends on the nature of the business you are engaged with. It is not the only game in town but is a proven and well-known standard solution to start an eCommerce store online. All along the road, it is important to realise that choosing an eCommerce platform for your online business store is not a black-and-white decision

Come, let’s check out the best alternatives to Shopify, sorted after thorough research. The choice is all yours, the one to satisfy and fulfil all your needs in the best way.

  1. Wix
  2. BigCommerce
  3. WooCommerce
  4. Sellfy
  5. Nexcess StoreBuilder
  6. Shift4Shop
  7. Magento
  8. Prestashop
  9. Volusion
  10. Ecwid




Wix has affordable plans and cuts to the chase with an easy-to-use interface together providing everything in need for the development. It is an ultimate make-it-go solution for newbies with extended nifty templates of 100 in number, sleek editing facilities, a wide range of applications, and themes with high customisation options, with added benefits equally for the advanced users alike. Setting up your site with Wix extends to two verified methods, ADI and Wix Editor. The former suggests a configuration and acts more like an automated assistant providing help with the questionnaires and answers. The latter on the other hand provides the ease to place anything anywhere on your website and allows for full user control and customisation.



While holding a candle to Shopify, an open Saas eCommerce platform is BigCommerce. BigCommerce essential and Big Commerce enterprises are the two main categories involved with it. The former is ideal for small online businesses to set up a store with the right tools. The latter is specifically designed for large enterprise brands including headless commerce integration for data-driven decisions.




When you have a WordPress site and need to transform them into eCommerce websites then WooCommerce, an open-source plugin, has you the solution. It is not like WordPress has only the WooCommerce option to head on, but WordPress familiarity brings it easy to handle with WooCommerce with easy-to-use extensions.

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Sellfy is something different from traditional solutions, with extreme simplicity and user-friendliness. It is renowned for its outstanding simplicity and takes ease of use in literally building a fully functioning store.


Nexcess StoreBuilder


For more in-depth technical needs Nexcess StoreBuilder is the suitable option to choose. Its action comes into practice when combined with managed WooCommerce hosting bringing every need fulfilled with premium themes and plugins.




Start selling online with a Saas eCommerce platform, Shift4 Shop that is packed with amazing features. As the most secure eCommerce solutions, the features they deal with include SEO tools, high-end customisation, product and order management, AI fraud protection, etc.




Your quench for open-source technology eCommerce platform ends up with a Magento alternative. The advantages to falling for Magento over Shopify are its legacy from Adobe and extensive developer skills.




PrestaShop is a free-to-download open-source solution with a setup for easy modification in the way you like. Your effort for a unique online store, Prestashop is the most convenient choice in the competitive world of eCommerce. Building a memorable brand with an open-source solution Prestashop is the key to long-term success. PrestaShop renders a flexible configuration giving you access to their code.




Volusion is a reliable alternative to Shopify, with an extensive library of templates serving small-sized companies and solopreneurs. Volusion rocks for its entry-level tech skills and there is nothing to worry about design-wise about hosting or integrating with necessary applications.

Volusion’s feature includes a one-page checkout and a huge number of add-ons and plugins that beats Shopify.



The web-hosted and the self-hosted are the two types of platforms for building your online store. Ecwid is something in-between these two that allows you to transform a regular website into an online shop, but literally does not fall into any of the two categories. So as to migrate to an online storefront Ecwid is the best solution effectively suiting as a simple and effective solution.