Best Web Development Technologies to Build Website in 2022

  • 31-08-2022

In the year 2022, we stand at a phase where website development has almost reached the brink of new changes. But that never stops the trail of technology lovers to hunt down new entertaining experiences in website development. So, that is what sparked our trail to find out some of the best technologies that the best Web development company in Kerala can deliver for you. If you are new to the world of website development and just beginning your career or even your graduation course, we have certain insights for you. Or else, if you are an entrepreneur, head over to our hub of developer experts who love infusing the latest technologies into your projects (provided you want them).

Below is a small and very crisp list of some of the most sought after Web Development Technologies to Build Websites in 2022 and you could keep this page bookmarked or have a chat with our innovative team to see them for real on your website and mobile app too. Head over right below.


This is one of one in demand technologies today and blockchain is the backbone of many decentralized applications in various industries. Use the services of the experts in the Web design company team in Kochi to implement high quality data structures. This is primarily used on cryptocurrency websites that work in a decentralized manner yet it is unified. One of the biggest merits is that it is transparent, and efficient and ensures that architecture is built at low costs.

Now if you are thinking about how blockchain is needed for your website that is totally unrelated to crypto, here is the reason. With the increased demand for online wallet payments and interactive training hubs for professionals, there are areas that need privacy, security, and real time data transfer in the most quickest and reliable manner. With numerous checks, the process is made possible with Blockchain. At present, Amazon uses this system for its affordable array of customer engagements.

Serverless Architecture

Heard about this one? It is the latest in the tribe of development technologies. When working with a reputed Web development company in Kerala, you can always ask to introduce serverless architecture into your website. This is a development technology that utilizes cloud technology to make the backend work much easier. As a result, the end work will be exceptionally professional as the system will not overload, no chances of data leakage or data loss, and the server maintenance costs will be reduced to a large extent. Companies like Microsoft and Google all use the serverless architecture as they always have to deal with an overload of data every second and security and user experience stands to be the highest priority here.

PWA or Progressive Web Apps

This stands to be the third most demanded technology and the PWS is a must have for every modern website on the global front today. It is flexible to be used in local setups along with the features of the latest app and website architectures. With a collection of API features and an easy synchronization process, companies can manage website traffic and engage people in a streamlined manner. The fact that PWA can be easily assimilated into the existing systems, makes this a worthwhile option for most companies that work on a tight budget.

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Motion UI

Gone are the days when an image would make your website visitor happy. Today Motion UL is in the limelight and with the assistance of a good Web design company in Kochi, you can ensure that your website offers a seamless mobile friendly flow along with a lot of smooth interactive features. A simple video or company narration can have a lot of subtle presentation features like spin, colour adjustment, smart transition, parallax effects, slideshows, along with good CSS elements in every page. The final website design will be intuitive, enabling more retention and user engagement in the long run.

Data Security

For those who seek the services of a futuristic Web development company in Kerala, it means that you need to add data security as your primary requirement while setting up the website. This is because every website will have a ton of data about visitors, your codes, and your personal information that will be the deciding factor for your business. So, make sure that people cannot access it quickly. With a world of cyber attackers on the prowl, you need top class security where your credibility is not in the hands of unknown people. For this, you can use cloud technologies that will be automated, and transparent and the main access will be controlled by the core management only. This can be further enhanced with three factor authentication and a transparent communications structure.