6 Simple Digital Advertising Tricks in 2021

  • May 25 2021

Digital advertising trends are changing nowadays at a faster pace. New strategies are coming up based upon the preference of the users. These strategies need to be first identified and then integrated into the business. In this blog, let’s learn some of the hacks which digital marketers of the digital marketing company in Cochin use to make sure that their websites get ranked on the search engine result pages and bring out leads.

 1. Use AIDA

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, this is what AIDA means. Awareness allows people to understand that there is a solution to their problems. Interest means that the customers could get information about the company when they show interest. The decision makes you sell your product. The action allows customers to buy products.

AIDA works well on the marketing channels to get the attention of the readers, obtain the need of want, and provide a solution to their problem. This formula is used up in the past and is still being used for marketing businesses.

2. Make use of video marketing

Video has helped in digital marketing a lot. Branded and live videos are the main two popular trends in video marketing used by the digital advertising agency Cochin. Today, people are coming up with the best ways to engage the audience with video content. The live video is one such way because it is interactive and keeps the audience being a part of the conversation. In 2021, video marketing is considered the best strategy to help your business.

Creating better videos for your business does not cost you a lot. You just need to invest in the camera, microphone or make use of a smartphone. Also, make use of the professional apps that help in creating better videos. To achieve better search traffic, include every video with better information, and define any problem the customer is facing. After optimizing the video, uploading it on YouTube will increase the chances to get more views.

3. Create better content

Creating better content has a huge role in marketing. Blogs and articles help in creating better traffic. But, today, the content that engages the audience is essential. Nowadays, novel content are becoming popular. This content is put along the side of conventional type content of blogs, articles, videos, and ebooks. According to the digital advertising agency Ernakulam, it is possible to create engaging type content with the audience via contests, quizzes, and polls. Here, the audience could share their opinions on the subject. Expiring content is also gaining popularity now. These contents remain on the website before being removed. If you see your audience make use of the expiring content, include a discount code for the content displayed for a small amount of time before being removed.

4. Understand the difference between branding and marketing.

While investing in online marketing, it is essential to understand the difference between branding and marketing. According to the customers, your brand is not the service or the product you provide to them. But it is the website design, logo, and the message being sent to its customers. Through branding, the audience will understand your business. The marketing strategies you apply to the branding should be an advantage and should not create an opposite effect. Today, most businesses make use of marketing strategies that focus more on services and products. While branding your services and products on social media always do it meaningfully.

5. Use Local Services Ads (LSAs)

LSAs are similar to Google Ads. But they act differently while promoting your products or services and increasing sales. They are pay-per-lead ads that begin popping up at the top of the Google search results. LSAs are better for home service providers. They help to increase the reach.

6. Use SEO smartly

Search engine optimization is really important for your website to be indexed on Google. But the SEO trends change and it is very essential to be updated with them. To get better results, competitor analysis is essential. Rely upon the SEO service in Kerala and make use of their techniques.


The above tricks help to provide improved results for your business. Always get updated with the top SEO strategies provided by the SEO company in Cochin and make use of the latest digital marketing trends.