How to Build a Hyperfast WordPress Website?

  • September 9 2021

Every business wants its website to be loaded faster so that it could give a better experience to its customers.  So, if you have a WordPress website, do you like it to be with the best performance that you have experienced ever before? If yes, then understand that, now it is possible to build a hyperfast WordPress website. Today website performance is really important as it could directly affect your rankings and the chance to be the popular brand. Through this blog, let’s understand how to build a hyperfast WordPress website through the implementation of some simple and easy steps.

The performance of the website is something important that could affect your revenue too. Based on the Google search algorithm, the better performance of the website matters. It has been seen that when the loading speed is poor, the bounce rate is being increased a lot. This directly means that if the website visitors are not actively using your website it will directly affect your sales and in achieving better leads. A slow-loading website could directly affect you in achieving the best revenue ever. So, it is high time to think about how to build a hyperfast WordPress website for your business. Web designing agency Ernakulam is now taking every initiative steps to make this goal a reality for its clients.


WordPress is one of the most used content management systems. Today, they have powered up a major part of the web world. WordPress websites have benefits in terms of page weight, and page requests when being compared to Google’s latest requirements for a website. To meet the exact Google targeted goals, the best optimization is necessary for every WordPress website. So, businesses are requesting every web designing company in Kerala to come up with steps to satisfy their business needs.  Compared to Drupal and Magento websites, WordPress websites are more common. That is why every web developer is concentrating more on how to improve its performance.

 Let’s Speed up our WordPress Website

When many websites are being loaded on the system which has very limited capacity, we can see sometimes that the server is overloaded. Thus making your website and server very slow. This makes your users unhappy as the performance is poor and makes it harder for them to use. So, the entire website performance depends upon the server.

 Components of UltraStack

Considering the above issue, InMotion Hosting developed UltraStack for the WordPress websites. UltraStack is one of the customized technologies which can be used to speed up your websites and give you better caching. 

The stack consists of components like cPanel, PHP-FPM, Apache HTTPd, nginX, ngxconf, and client web browser. NGINX helps in improving the performance of the WordPress website by making use of PHP to cache content. Through this, there is no need to load more source code for every new visitor. Caching could be managed by using the Cache Manager Plugin. PHP-FPM is better and more efficient than the SuPHP which improves your website performance with better memory and processing features. It has a configurable max request with the best timeout settings.

In addition to the UltraStack, WordPress VPS is powered by the SSDs, content delivery network, and IP address that helps to make your website outperform compared with your competitors. This infrastructure is better designed for high-traffic websites, high data workloads, and other demanding applications.

Make Use of Caching Plugins

A self-hosted WordPress website could benefit from the caching plugins. It helps in making a snapshot of the website for your visitors for accessing the server then loading the elements to the webpage every time. Hence, providing you a better loading time and overall performance.

WordPress Caching Plugins include the below:

  •  W3 Total Cache

This helps in improving the SEO and the user experience of the website thereby increasing the performance of the website and helps in reducing the load times. It includes many features like a content delivery network, integration, and the updated form of best practices with best ratings.

  •  WP Super Cache

This type of caching plugin by Automattic generates the Static form of HTML files from the dynamic form of the WordPress blog. When the HTML file is generated, the web server will serve your file rather than processing it as they are expensive and heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

  •  WP Fastest Cache 

It has a free version which improves the speed of the site while the premium version has many extra features like JS Plus, Minify JS, Minify HTML Plus, Minify CSS Plus, Widget Cache, and Mobile Cache with better loading times.

  • Simple Cache

This was developed as many forms of caching plugins available were not up to the need and they come up with a complex form of caching solutions. Simple Cache is one of the best to get better page views per day.

 Optimization of the Images

Your website may contain many images as per your requirement. Even though images play an important role in your website, if the loading speed does not go well, you will lose the required goal. Here a web development company in Kochi discusses many ways to make use of optimized images for your website.

  • Use a Perfect Format: JPEG is the best for images, photos, and many screenshots. PNG is good for images with geometric features and GIFs for animations.
  • Use the Perfect Size for the images: 1280 x 720 pixels for HD quality, 7680 x 4320 pixels for 8K, and 3840 x 2160 pixels for 4K quality. This size is recommended by Adobe.
  • Image Compression: Use different forms of image compression tools like Optimizilla, TinyJPG, TinyPnG, and Compressor.
  • White Space must be removed: It is good to add padding using CSS.
  • Come up with the responsive type of images.

 Get Rid of Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins could cause many performance issues to our WordPress website. Additional requests from HTTP, databases and security vulnerabilities are the major problems. So, take time to check how the current plugins are. Better quality plugins must be kept up for better performance. Check the following factors suggested by a web development company in Kerala while dealing with plugins.

  • Who made the plugin?
  • Last update of the plugin?
  • Whether it was tested with your version?
  • Are the ratings and reviews better?
  • Do they have a support forum?

 A Final Thought

It’s high time to improve your WordPress website. Better performance and rankings are necessary for each business. By building a hyperfast WordPress website with the above features you can achieve the required performance. So, go for it with the help of a web designing agency Kerala.