Importance of Digital Marketing for your Business!

  • Application Development
  • May 24 2018

Ever since the boom of the internet, the world has literally shifted to digital in every aspect. According to the statistics about 361 million people were found online worldwide in 2000 and in 2016 it hiked to over 3 billion, which shows a growth rate of 764%! Today, nearly half of the population is online. In India, the number of people having internet access is growing at a rapid pace each year. Indians are so connected that each person seems to spend at least 3 hours a day, online. People have started using the internet as a platform for shopping. Online video has also shown huge growth in the past five years with millions every day watching videos on social media and other sites like Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar, etc. If you are a business owner, being online would prove to be an excellent opportunity wherein you could showcase your products and services.

Create an online presence for your business

Do you want to take your business to the next level? So, how will be online help you in generating leads? Well, we will discuss how. One of the biggest advantages is leveraging the benefits of search. Having an online presence means to be found when someone searches for something that is related to your products or service online. Let’s say you have a boutique. When a person searches for “designer clothes” your business will be listed on the result page. The customer would then click the link to your website and get a chance to learn more about your business. They could have a close look into what products you offer, find routes to your store’s location, read testimonials of happy customers, fill out a form online, check the prices, and much more.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising is how you show advertisements to the people who are looking out for what you offer. For example, with search ads, you can show ads to potential customers. These ads can be restricted to people who are within a specific geographic radius of your business location. You can also use analytics to determine how many people have clicked your ad, visited your site, and took specific actions like filling out a form, watching a video, or purchased a product. Sounds exciting right? Today, there are many tools and techniques to get this done. The biggest challenge faced by most businesses is in building a strategy, handling the creative and technical aspects of a site, setting a cost, and using the tools and techniques properly. All these are time-consuming. It can’t be reached overnight and that’s when they approach a digital marketing company in cochin. Thousands of business owners are making the digital world work for them effectively. The opportunities to reach potential customers through digital around the globe are too huge to ignore. So what are you waiting for? Go digital and stay ahead of the competition. Contact us for all your digital marketing needs.