How to Make your Websites more Creative and Stand Out!!

  • 25 April 2021

Designing websites is easier than ever before. The tools and technologies improve every day and make the process much easier. From the HTML websites of the early ’90s now we have no-code website designing tools, where anyone can design a website by dragging and dropping the functionalities they need. With all this, the focus of website designing has lately been shifted to the creative aspects of the process. Companies now need their websites to match the overall trend, better communicate with their customer base, keep a minimalist profile and not overload the visual perspective of the visitor with a number of colors. Let’s look at some of the key areas that need to be focused on while designing a creative website. Also, we will look at some of the standing-out website designs as well.

1. Focus on usability 

This is ‘the most important factor to pivot in while designing a website. No matter how sophisticated the backend technology or the product/services listed, if the website is not user-friendly, it is losing the game. There is a famous design rule ‘design around the user’. Websites must primarily focus on the clean organization of the elements and design them for the users so that the user can be channeled through multiple levels.

One of the best examples of this in recent times is the ‘idolebylancome’ website. The website is from Lancome, the french luxury perfume maker. This website is a prime example of how a subtle design can be used to place your brand apart from the competition. The homepage just shows a simple perfume bottle and once you click on it, you will be taken to a menu page that lists the story behind the brand. Being a luxurious brand, they had all the abilities to design a website that is loud about their brand but they choose to stay minimal and subtle and give the visitors a calm feel. The menu layout draws in the users to go through all the sub-menus. In the end, a visitor will have a good understanding of the brand and be inspired to purchase their product.

2.Think Out of the Box and Associate Website Design with your Product or Service.

Creativity happens with thinking out of the box. Website designers sometimes break the traditional principles and create amazing websites. Never be afraid of breaking conventional design principles. When you dare to try something new, you are forging something unique. It’s always a risk when you try to innovate because a set of users will always resist change. But a unique design will wither that blow the competition out of the water.

3. Mobile-friendly and Align with the App(if you have one) 

Quite often we can notice that a very well-designed website just falls apart when accessed via a mobile browser. This is because the design was not done platform-friendly. Recent studies find that an average user spends nearly six hours per day on a smartphone. That indicates if your website is not designed to be mobile-friendly, you are losing to competition. Also if you have a mobile app, align your design standards and color palette to the app. This will help to maintain the same feeling between the app and the website which means less effort for the user to navigate. A creative web designing agency Ernakulam can take care of this for you.

‘’ is a good example to look at here. Headspace provides online meditation lessons. They use the same color palette in mobile and standard websites. Also, the color palette is very minimal. Even the icons and other visual elements are the same between the website and app. Along with that, they have a very good mobile-friendly design. Headspace achieved major growth since its inception a couple of years back and is one of the leading players in the lifestyle app arena.

Overall, if you focus primarily on your user, use a minimal design model, and are bold enough to try something new, you got a winner at hand. Designs will evolve over time, there is nothing called set and done. Be prepared and ready to accept the change. The points mentioned above are fundamental and will help you at any point in time.