Proven Strategies for Improving Local SEO

  • 28 June 2022

Got a local store? Got many people living in the neighborhood? Still not many have made their way to your store, is it? Well, this is a problem for most physical stores in and around Cochin. India is a land of so many opportunities but today as people search for everything on the Internet. It is necessary to use the expertise from the top SEO companies in India so that people know you exist in their nearby streets only. It is like a dog and sat chase game, where you are in the middle of millions of physical stores. How would you be noticed if you are placed at the corner of the street? That is where you need the power of online sales marketing. In simple words, it means you need to have a website or a mobile application that is backed by good quality SEO.

This time, if you are worried about how to boost your local sales, then you have reached the right place. We have helped thousands of companies find their path to recognition on the internet. We rely on our research and expertise to make your work and business get noticed in your local areas. Irrespective of your area or country or niche of business, good SEO companies in Cochin can deliver results. Come along, to see some of the most proven strategies that help to improve SEO for your local business.

You ought to be on Google

No second thoughts on this one! With the help of the most reputed SEO companies in Cochin, any entrepreneur can place their website on Google. Since our largest and most result-oriented search engine worldwide is Google, we need to rely on this platform for getting noticed. We help people build an identity on Google and be prominent in their local area. So, if you have a hair salon, spa center, or food eCommerce store in Cochin, Bangalore, Chennai, or Delhi, let the nearby housing colonies and streets know that you serve quality products there.

Create your Business Listing

One of the most efficient ways to start off on Google is to create your business listing. You can get on platforms that allow you to list your business. There may be situations where duplicate entries may be placed. Keep a track of the incomplete or wrong listings (that could be entered by free classifieds), and edit or remove them on time. Give local landmarks that people can identify with ease.

Specify your location on the website

If you have a local store, then make sure that you have placed your location on the website. Being an SEO company in India for quite a long time, our expertise and results have shown that when our developers add Google Maps to your website, it is useful. Google tends to rank such maps as authentic local information and you have a better chance to get listed. When people search for hospitals or car repair shops near me, Google will automatically display your store, website, and map location.

Your NAP should be the same

NAP is not a small sleep session but means your business name, store address, and your business contact number or phone number. This has to be entered as the same everywhere. So, add the same NAP on your website, classified listings, brochures, and anything that gets published. This consistency adds value and will you SEO factor when people for you. By name, you have to specify whether it is a company or a small-scale business. In case, you have changed the logo, and address proof at any time, make sure that it is also changed. If you share the same NAP everywhere, it builds trustworthiness for all.

Make your website search crawl friendly

We have been the top SEO company in India for a proven reason. In each section of the web page that we create for our clients, we ensure that Search Engine Optimization is executed well. This means the right keywords connected with your business or personality (like in the case of celebrities or corporate trainers) are added to the whole website. We fish out the Local SEO keywords with the assistance of the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. It will list down keywords (words or phrases) that are searched the most, keywords that have high and low competition, and also all the keywords that your probable audience will be searching. Based on your budget, we will use the right keywords, so that your website can be crawled by Google and put forward on the first page of the Google searches.

Build your Google My Business profile

For any business to be first noticed, it has to be placed on Google. As per statistics, if your business profile has been created on Google My Business, which builds your trust level and you can be searched faster. Once you create a GMB account, add the right Gmail address, contact number, and address directly in your local area, pictures as necessary. Website links and Google Map links, make you look more professional and approachable.

Build your Social acceptance with reviews

In the olden days, if one had a local store, it was very important to gain goodwill from the neighborhood. Today, the case is different, as people go to Google if they need anything in their neighborhood. This is why professional SEO companies in India like our team, will build your online reputation too. With our SEO keywords, we insist that your clients give good reviews against your business listing. This will help people trust your services to a large extent. Additionally, when you get more online reviews, it increases your web and search rating. That increases your search inquiries, which could be converted into profitable sales leads.

Respond and interact with the audience

When you involve with a local crowd, make sure you have personalized conversations. Since they know your store and even you in person build your identity with online responses. For instance, if you have received a review with a moderate rating, ask them online, how you can improve. Let people see your products, services, and customer support also with these online reviews and small conversations.

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Local Content Planner

Be a part of the local society always if you want to see results in local SEO and that means you need to fine-tune the content. It has to include the search requirements of the local crowd. For instance, you may have street fairs, local festivals, or perhaps some important political event around the corner. You can add all this as small content pieces on the websites and your social media profiles to stay in the talk. If your content is new, updated, and infused with the right SEO, then you have a high chance of being ranked. Give offers, hold polls, take clicks with clients, and announce your latest developments to keep the people engaged.

Reach out to Local websites to build communities

Once you are on the Web, you need to connect with a lot of people and partner up with the local communities to be more recognized. This way you will get more backlinks to your website. For instance, suppose you have a sports store, and there is a school fest in your neighborhood. You can sponsor the first prize for their programs. This way, they will post on your sponsorship and link your website while announcing their programs. This will help build backlinks with reputed businesses.