Web designing influenced by the evolution of Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • 8 September 2020

The world of websites is ever-evolving. From the static websites, they advanced into dynamic ones and no more waiting is essential for communication to take place. Now we can see websites starting from responsive websites to Omni-marketing channels. Looking at the evolution of websites, you will understand how far the technology has gone in offering us the best solutions and user experiences.  A website should be simply capable to attract anyone entering into the home page to roam through all other pages experiencing the best user experiences. Your website design and the flow that it takes your customers through matters a lot, when it comes to ensuring and offering a great customer experience over the web. Web designing agencies are introducing out-of-the-box ideas to excite their customers and are competing hard to make these things work. Web designers are trying hard to get adapted to new and novel technologies and innovations to gratify the intention, what it is meant for. Web development companies in Kerala like other international design hubs now experimenting more and more on giving life to their websites. The world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is overwhelming all the prevailing trends of the websites and are rapidly fostering upon offering the best user experience.

By using Virtual Reality, a real-life like situation is created and then the users are trained to get equipped to the scenario. For example, VR is usually experienced with its full effect while using devices that are festooned as headsets. The technology is also used for improving the experience of imaginary but real situations, such as entertainment or games and can also be experienced via the display mounted on your brain. Virtual Reality can be applied using Augmented Reality. AR and VR are like reflections from a concave lens, merging to offer a great user experience. In augmented reality, the elements from the unreal world are placed over the real world, creating a realistic impression while VR is completely recreating digitization in a real life situation.

Even though VR and AR has ruling world for a long time, recently the scope of utilizing such a system in web designs strikes the mind of web designers. By implementing the WebVR technology to websites, users will get easy access to Virtual Reality Contents via web browsers and will be available to anyone with an internet connection and web browser. WebCastle as one among the top web designing companies in Kerala and the most trusted web designing agency in Cochin, offers all kinds of web design and web development solutions to our clients across the world. As one of the prime players in application development and content development in Virtual & Augmented Reality, we make virtual an accessible reality for all. With advanced set of tools, we use to improve our client’s competency; we offer an immersive experience that is truly lucrative return on investment.