WebCastle Media & Its Business Services to the World

  • June 19 2021

WebCastle Media is an Information technology service company running for the past 13 years in the business world. Our services include Web & Mobile App Development, Ecommerce solutions, ERP, PWA, and Digital marketing. Today we are confident to say that we are one of the top-rated among companies in providing our services. With the vision to ‘Make the web the world, you want to live in’ we bring out creative and result-driven solutions. Our mission is to create up-to-date, promising, innovative, and impressive applications. With 110+ professionally experienced employees and 800+ clients, we have delivered over 1000+ projects across India, GCC, Australia, USA, UK, Denmark, Australia & Canada. Our devotion and dedication to each project have helped us to satisfy each client successfully. Also, we give prior importance to quality, creativity, and punctuality and show it through our works.

Our Top-rated Services

1.Web Development Services

WebCastle brings together better quality design and programming to create functional and dynamic sites. We always welcome you with your plan to develop better sites that meet your business needs and preferences. Our dedicated team with professional qualities makes your plans come true. Also, we welcome your future web app to come functional with the help of our expertise. Through WebCastle, a web development company in Kochi, one could see the development progress quickly and your preferences being functional. We are unique in the form of:

  • Custom web developers.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Up-to-date with technology, rules, and recommendations, and up-to-date with the requirements for each product.
  • Trusted Web Design Company.

2. Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile app development companies in Ernakulam today are bringing a great change in the lives of the people and also it is changing the way to conduct business. WebCastle mainly provides iOS app development and Android app development services to our clients. Our professional and experienced developers help you in achieving the best mobile app solutions thus helping you to handle the competitive market. We come up with educational apps, business & eCommerce apps, gaming apps, etc. Smart mobility solutions are our guarantee for you which makes top-notch technologies.

3. Ecommerce development

An eCommerce site is much more than just selling; it is the one that handles orders, payments, shipping, and much more. We make use of the best solutions and web platforms which come up with sites that are well and good. Our professional experts help you achieve every need you request by studying it. Satisfaction, time, and quality are our gifts for you. Through WebCastle you could achieve:

  • Online store.
  • Update your current website.
  • Custom-built solutions.
  • Sophisticated ecommerce designs, interactive front-end scripting, and extensive product catalogs.

4. ERP Development Services

WebCastle being an Erp company Kerala provides better and customized ERP solutions to its customers. Some of our products are Inventory Management, Contract Management, Trading Management, Manpower Management, Production Management, Fleet Management, Payroll Management, Sales Orders, Tendering Process, WPS Process Automation, etc. We come up with accounting software too. We provide affordable prices, free customization for one year, and VAT ready as per the FTA standards.

5. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Services

Progressive web applications or PWAs are application software delivered through the web and built using web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. WebCastle provides a fast, reliable, attractive solution and offers its users an application-like experience. Through WebCastle you could achieve a better application through the modern web features. Practices are followed to make a web application similar to a desktop or mobile application. We provide uniform and transparent applications so that it is difficult to differentiate between the PWA and native mobile applications.

6. Digital Marketing Services

WebCastle is one of the best digital marketing experts in Kerala. We are good at Search Engine Optimization and PPC marketing. We provide better results and satisfy each client with flexible approaches. We design digital campaigns that suit your budget, business, and beliefs. WebCastle makes use of Google Adwords wisely. Our marketing approaches provide result-oriented solutions to your website. We make your site stand out from the competition. We have an SEO plan which makes your site top among the search engines.

Last but not least, choose WebCastle to make your business needs come true. Our services and approaches are always appealing to the customers. Our experience in doing many client projects makes us confident to take out any project that reaches us. So contact us at mail@webcastle.in for any queries. Feel free to discuss your requirements and needs. We always try to provide you with a budget-friendly plan. Be happy with Web Castle.