What Are the New Features in WordPress 6.0?

  • 20 July 2022

Finally the WordPress 6.0 Arturo is here and let’s get to know what’s special here. Whether you are a first-time WordPress user or a professional developer, we have got an update for you. This is about the latest features that have rolled into WordPress 6.0 and you may just want to try them out for your next web development project. To give you an idea of what this is all about, it gives more dimensions to the previously released WordPress 5.9 version. At that time, they had released the Phase 2 Gutenberg, and now they have focused on adding more customization-based tools and consolidating them under one head. So, that makes it easier for everyone to handle, and use as per needs. When you begin to use WordPress 6.0, they will inform you that with this new version, they have brought in solutions for about 400 bug fixes with an aim to build a better user experience.

This is one of the second yet important software releases that 2022 has to talk about, as they have brought huge alterations to the site editing features on the whole. Now, if you are into web development and web design services in India, this is something you will have to take note of. By the way, you can read and bookmark, but before trying this out, always back up the website so that your data is safe.

Switch Friendly Themes

Now, the new version takes just one click to switch or change the website theme to your preference. Sometimes, depending on your website niche, you may need to change the themes periodically. If it was a web design task before, today you can implement it quickly. For this, on the top right corner of the page, there is a Style option. Click on it and choose Browse Styles. Select a style that meets your audience or brand theme. Give it an Ok and you have completed the process.

Improved Block Editor

Now, users can use various themes that are supported by the latest full website editor and deliver great custom-made websites. The new version contains a block-type theme that enhances the way developers and content editors can use the complete site blocks, choose design patterns, and even work on interesting templates. In fact, if you research a bit into this new version, you can find many editable templates within the block editor. This would include a few archive templates like the Category, Author of the content, the inclusion of necessary tags, date of publication, and the taxonomy option (that allows showcasing the latest posts).

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Block Themes are exportable now

With the new WordPress 6.0 version, you can easily make all the edits in the block editor, save the changes in one click, and then export the same into your latest block theme. For this process to go fast, WordPress will have a zip file for this saved theme file. That will contain every type of change in the theme made. Now, that can be easily downloaded into your PC easily. The best part is that now you have the advantage of using this WordPress website theme on any other WordPress website that you have developed before.

Lock the Block Theme

In the past, WordPress changes would be changed very fast if various users get into the editor and accidentally changes the block position or content themes. Now in the latest version, you can make a lock on the block that you have edited or designed from scratch. However one of the biggest issues was that, when users make changes on the reusable blocks, then that latest change will be saved for good. So, that still needs some improvement and we could probably see a change in the next upcoming versions.

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User-friendly text selection

In the earlier version, it was a very complex process to select the text in any of the blocks. If the text had to be copied and pasted into another block, the process was time-consuming. This took a lot of time for the copy editors to work upon and that is how the new version is made super user-friendly now. The selection process is smooth now.

Responsive Behaviour

Now, the last on our list is the responsive element of WordPress 6.0, as now the user has the freedom to choose which blocks they would like to see on various screens. So, for instance, if you need your website to be seen on many smart devices and various gadgets, then you use this option to display each of the blocks as a stack, or perhaps as a row as they wish.

In short, once you have read this blog you would have understood that WordPress 6.0 is all about making the software more accessible, customer-friendly, and easier to handle. With this, if you are into web development, you will feel the level at which they have made most of the features more user-friendly. This accessibility is what enhances the effectiveness of WordPress.