Is WooCommerce suitable for a sustainable Ecommerce business?

  • 2 February 2018

Magento, WooCommerce, and OpenCart took the center stage of the eCommerce industry in 2017. The trend to employ these aforementioned tools to enable and boost trade is expected to stay here in the coming years. The eCommerce industry is witnessing unprecedented growth and the demand for e-commerce tools is on the rise.

Magento, WooCommerce, and OpenCart are shopping carts that encourage purchase by a customer. A shopping cart is a piece of software that facilitates trade on an e-commerce site. A myriad shopping cart services are available in the market these days and some of them stand out in terms of performance and reliability. Read on to how which is the best shopping cart and the reason for it.

WooCommerce VS Magento

If you already have a WordPress-based website and you would like to start your online store, it is logical that you would choose WooCommerce. But this comes with big pain in the future. Since WooCommerce is built on WordPress, they are prone to all the security issues that WordPress is vulnerable to.
Where Magento is built for commercial transactions in mind, accompanies enterprise-level security features. Another big challenge is due to the database schema, where the core itself is not meant for having a lot of users or product information, as the site ages, it will end up with performance issues and cost more on the servers. Magento extended Catalog management and indexing functionalities make it an efficient platform to handle a lot more products and data without an issue.

Though WooCommerce and Magento CE are available for free, Magento comes with a lot of advanced features like Flexible Pricing Options, Product Alerts, Multi-store., Support for a long list of Payment Gateways and Shipment providers, WooCommerce will require paid add-ons to accomplish these functionalities.

When considering everything in a long run, Magneto is more suitable for the eCommerce business than WooCommerce. Magneto clearly outperforms Woocommerce in terms of variability, cost, and user-friendliness.

One catch with Magento is that it requires advanced developer skills to customize the website and its functionalities, but WebCastle’s certified Magento developers can help you with that.

WooCommerce VS OpenCart

OpenCart has all the goodness. that WooCommerce has and substantially rolls out all the disadvantages.

OpenCart has more free modules and add-on than WooCommerce to boost functionality. Even WooCommerce has many discount coupons for its customers while comparing to OpenCart, WooCommerce has fewer offers for features to attract customers. Above all, functionality is the prime thing that adds value to an eCommerce site.

OpenCart is again a better platform in terms of multiple store management. It is an independent eCommerce solution; therefore, multiple eCommerce sites can be set up using a single installation. While thinking futuristic, it is a must feature for an eCommerce platform since micro focusing is a new trend than general stores.

WooCommerce has failed to include even some of the basic extensions and therefore chances are high for you to end up paying a lot more for extensions to address the diverse needs posed by industry.

When we compare the shopping carts, we can clearly understand it is better to choose OpenCart or Magento than WooCommerce for an e-commerce store. The right decision at right time can offer you the right pace in your business.