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WebCastle has created a benchmark of its own in terms of providing a holistic approach and customized ERP & Software packages. Some of our products are Inventory Management, Contract Management, Trading Management, Manpower Management, Production Management, Fleet Management, Payroll Management, Sales Orders, Tendering Process, WPS Process Automation, etc. We also have some of the most sought after accounting software in India.

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Al Madeena Bakery
East Gate Bakery Equipment Factory
Al Nisr Roads And Building Contracting
Celar Water Equipment Company LLC
Fabulous Trust Technical Services L.L.C
Ontime Manpower Supply
Promag Reflection of Excellence
Visnal Group
World Star Holding
Jointech Facility Management Services LLC

Customized Industry-Built ERP Software Development Company in India

Manufacturing ERP

Just the process of manufacturing planning could significantly increase production efficiency and profit margins with our Manufacturing ERP. We develop highly functional & user-friendly ERP software as well as HR software in India.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing ERP

MEP ERP is an innovative Software Solution which covers end-to-end business from the time of creating a process to the time of completion. The system offers excellent project management and works scheduling applications that enable you to increase productivity to the maximum extent and to save time by using our custom ERP development.

Construction ERP

Our innovative software empowers construction companies to program project management systems that maximize productivity and saves time. Construction ERP is a powerful application for construction business as the application is equipped to manage project management and cost control for the project execution with its key modules within the scheduled estimate.

Interior & Fitout ERP

Free yourself from the administrative labor of tracking asset movement, maintenance, and asset depreciation by making the best use of your fixed assets with the best ERP software in Kochi.

Automobile & Spare parts ERP

Our Auto parts management software for the automobile trading company and industry in India is a special software service introduced by great research in the automobile market. You can easily maintain quality while looking over your projects much more efficiently and streamlining your business’ accounting and financial management.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Software we make is very user-friendly. It will bring efficiency to inventory management by its automated processes and also we guarantee reliable & cost-effective delivery across the logistics chain.
Stock the right goods at the right time in the right quantity with us, one of the best ERP software companies in India.

Food & Packaging ERP

We provide one of the most efficient Food & Packaging software solutions in India for small, medium and large organizations. The problems faced by manufacturing industries because of the lack of information and inappropriate communication with the employees have found a solution with our ERP software in Kochi.

Building Material ERP

We make India’s best Building Material Management software. It is a fully customizable ERP Software solution, made with over years of experience. Our solution is designed to give you a competitive edge and gives the full control over all the things.

Transportation Management ERP

We make fully customizable Transportation management ERP that helps you manage your vehicle maintenance schedules, track vehicle fleet maintenance expenses, track and monitor fuel use and fuel receipts, and monitor driver usage and behavior. It improves efficiency, productivity and reduce overall transportation and staff costs.

Manpower Management ERP

This software is specially designed for the Gulf countries. While developing this software our engineers have considered each and every aspects of the processes involved in manpower management and developed the best ERP solution.

Real Estate Management

This is an excellent property management solution for commercial & residential properties. We ensure efficiency and effectiveness in managing your real-estate portfolio for higher returns. Our real estate management solution makes you free of the administrative labor associated work with property rentals & sales by giving complete process automation, making us the best among ERP software companies in Kerala.

Trading Management ERP

Trading Management ERP solution manages all the functional activities of the trading business. This includes Stores and Purchase, Inventory management, Stock Transfers, Billing and Collections, etc. Our customer ERP system provides a complete solution that organizes and controls every aspect of the business.

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