Internet of Things (IOT)

We make your connected world principle practical using the best IOT companies in Kochi

Internet of Things (IOT) Company in Kochi

The internet has had amazing growth across the world. We believe that towards connecting everything with the internet, our contribution is really important. Our attention being an IT company in Kochi is not on the hype of futuristic solutions or ideas of a future world with billions of connected devices. We develop solutions for our customers with Nowistic IOTTM technology and ideas that work. So our IOT devices and applications are present in the current world and are presently practical.


How WebCastle is different from other IOT companies in Kochi?

Our R&D team are always ready with their backpacks and will visit your location to give you insights about innovating the process of your business. Be it farming, production or health care business, we work with a vast variety of customers with dedicated expertise in their fields. Every industry focus on improving human life quality and our vision is to make it even better by adding our expertise. Contact us now to brainstorm how we can implement IOT on your business today. Not futuristic, Nowistic IOTTM solutions.


Using a vast range of sensing devices, we build simple and complex applications for our customers to connect their things to the system. This helps them to get more control over the procedure and schedules of the complete system. And if anything is wrong our team gets it faster than any panicked customer makes the call to the helpline which makes us one of the best IOT companies in Kochi.

Data Analytics and Storage

Find your success from the data from newly connected devices and systems that optimize the process, deliver deep business insights and drive innovation. Our state of the art analytics tools and metrics helps customers make the right decision based on backed proof of data.

We Follow Simple and Secure IOT Development Procedure

We are backed by the certified and experienced Internet of Things (IOT) integrators who are determined to deliver the extensive services among IOT companies in Kerala. We practice a tried and tested approach for the development of IOT systems.

Our IOT solutions are offered at affordable rates

Whatever your requirements are, if you’re interested in automating your business. We guarantee to provide the affordable IOT Solutions. Our team will carefully listen to your specific needs and goals and suggest you the best possible and cost effective IOT solutions which will not only streamline your business but also help you in growing incredibly in the digital world.

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