Revamping The Flagship of The Website: NASA Chooses WordPress

  • 16 October 2023

The new website, released with WordPress as the CMS in place of Drupal, no longer bears the beta classification.

Following an extensive 18-month period of web development, data migration, and content creation, NASA has successfully revamped its main and science websites. These updated platforms now highlight the agency’s innovation and discoveries spanning over 65 years.  NASA began the multi-million dollar project a few years ago when they had to review the CMS used for because of the IDEA ACT Drupal 7 reaching its end of life.


Lone Rock Point, a VIP gold agency partner of supervised the project. It began with a year of UX Design and evaluating various business CMSs. In the end, it successfully served 456 CMS users, migrated 68,698 pages, and added 3023 landing pages. NASA moved its website from Amazon web service to VIP as part of the project. According to Toothman, NASA examined both proprietary and open-source solutions, conducting a broad assessment of more than a hundred CMS platforms. They selected four CMSs, with two being commercial and two open source, including WordPress and Drupal.


This monumental decision reflects not only the growing dominance of WordPress in the digital realm but also its capacity to meet the demands of even the most prestigious and mission-critical organizations. The team made advanced prototypes and assessed user feedback for all four finalists, incorporating this data into the CMS selection process.


Toothman highlighted some key factors that distinguish WordPress from other platforms.


Acquiring resources In short, there is a substantial community on WordPress. The community is finding creative ways to expand the capabilities of WordPress, sharing WordPress knowledge, providing training, and consistently enhancing skills within the community. That makes it simpler for a group like NASA to get support. It was found that NASA frequently had to get in touch with the original CMS provider in order to locate resources while using commercial CMS solutions. They are not satisfied with this lack of adaptability.


A plugin Ecosystem provided instant content analysis tools for SEO and accessibility in the WordPress admin interface. It was crucial that content could be examined by the author before it was released.


 Simple to use in the content authoring environment.


NASA plans to promote the WordPress community by making some of its custom blocks and other project components open-source.  NASA has decided to provide some of its custom blocks and other project components as open-source as part of the plan in order to support the WordPress community. It also emphasizes WordPress as a dependable content management system (CMS) with excellent flexibility for large-scale projects with intricate publishing needs.


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